Two new original linocuts on bags…

One of my favorite poets, Garcia Lorca has entered the public domain. In my design you can see his his home near Granada Spain in the background. Living during one of its darkest times, he is now considered Spain’s greatest 20th century poet. He was executed by a firing squad in 1936. Alongside Garcia Lorca, I have my Pan Dulce bag. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of the French pastries that have such unusual names in Mexico such as “mustache”, “underpants” or “foot of the mule”. In each bag, I have written the story that goes with the design.


Art in August on Mountain Road

 Join us on Mountain Road for Art in August at three locations. At the Julianna Kirwin Studio/Gallery I am excited to show the work of printmaker Mary Sundstrom along with some new linocuts of mine. August 12, 10-4 and August 13, noon to 5pm. Get coffee and a delicious meal at Farmacy across the street, and take a walk down Mountain to see work at Little Bird de Papel and The Next Best Thing to Being There.

Arte Sin Fronteras: A Printmaker’s Collective in Burque

Denise Weaver Ross, Kate Padilla, Juliana Coles, Andrew Fearnside, Risa Taylor and Julianna Kirwin have formed a Printmaking Collective on Mountain Road near Albuquerque’s Old Town. Working at the Julianna Kirwin Studio/Gallery, the group has designed an image for a proposal submitted to the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, NM. If accepted, the 36″ x 36″ linocut will be printed by a steamroller at the festival on Sept 2nd.

We’ll keep you updated on the project! We are calling our group, Arte Sin Fronteras! We are all artists (and some of us are also poets) who participate generously in Albuquerque’s local art scene. Thanks to Denise Weaver Ross for her assistance in the design for the project.

Original Block Prints: Wearable Art

My name is Julianna Kirwin and I have been designing and printing my own images for twenty years. Until last year, my focus was on the original prints I created on paper. But in 2015 I was asked to do a workshop for The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Participants of an International Design Summit would need my help to create and print their designs onto cotton bags they would take home. The success of that workshop led me to start printing my own line of wearable hand-printed bags.

Why do I love printmaking? It’s an art-form that was part of the Mexican tradition of “arte popular,” folk art made by hand and reflecting the culture of a particular place.

Lupita - Handprinted bag

Pablo Neruda hand printed bag

Here in my neighborhood, those folk traditions are still part of every day life.

I hope you will enjoy these hand printed bags that depict some of my favorite poets, composers, animals and local scenes. Each bag is designed and printed in my studio on Mountain Road in the heart of Albuquerque.

Click here to visit my online store

Doors for the Arts Nov. 21

  Dreaming Rural New Mexico

This is my new piece I’ll be showing at the Doors for the Arts Exhibit this Saturday! This street exhibit will be along the side of my house on Mountain Road and 8th St. in the Wellspark neighborhood. Hope you can stop by to see work by local artists including Santiago Perez, Andrew Fearnside, Roe LiBretto, Melanie LaBorwit, Gabriela Hnilkova and Ilene Weiss. Hours for the show: 10-4 parking on the street.

Coming Soon: The Paper Mache Project

This morning I’m creating a paper mache chair in my studio that will be part of a large wall piece. But, I’m thinking about going out into the community to do paper mache on the spot. People can see what I’m doing and maybe be part of the process.IMG_2013

Papier mache portraits

JK photo

Last summer I returned to Guanajuato, my favorite city in Mexico. I decided not to take any art materials with me and after a short time, my gut feeling was to do paper mache!  I had studied papier mache with Felipe Olmos in Oaxaca years ago, but I  wanted to create a new body of work: portraits of artists and writers of the Magical Real. I gathered my materials: brown paper (unsized), white flour, and some styrofoam forms from the local crafts shop. Within weeks I had completed portraits of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Remedios Varo, and Jorge Amado.


photo 3 (1)