My name is Julianna Kirwin. I like telling stories with puppets…

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or with images that I paint, collage or print by carving linoleum. I like linoleum because it’s very portable-you can take it anywhere and do a little bit of carving when you have a moment. If you’re traveling, you can even print the images using the back of a spoon.

I decided to become an artist when I fell in love with New Mexico. As a resident living along some of the oldest roads in the state, my personal journey has taken me into the history and culture of my surroundings on the “Camino Real,” the royal road that goes through New Mexico and down into central and southern parts of Old Mexico. If you come by the studio, you will see that my images reflect my environment and my travels: back roads in New Mexico, historic churches, black birds, and the people of colonial and tropical Mexico.