Arte Sin Fronteras: A Printmaker’s Collective in Burque

Denise Weaver Ross, Kate Padilla, Juliana Coles, Andrew Fearnside, Risa Taylor and Julianna Kirwin have formed a Printmaking Collective on Mountain Road near Albuquerque’s Old Town. Working at the Julianna Kirwin Studio/Gallery, the group has designed an image for a proposal submitted to the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, NM. If accepted, the 36″ x 36″ linocut will be printed by a steamroller at the festival on Sept 2nd.

We’ll keep you updated on the project! We are calling our group, Arte Sin Fronteras! We are all artists (and some of us are also poets) who participate generously in Albuquerque’s local art scene. Thanks to Denise Weaver Ross for her assistance in the design for the project.