Two new original linocuts on bags…

One of my favorite poets, Garcia Lorca has entered the public domain. In my design you can see his his home near Granada Spain in the background. Living during one of its darkest times, he is now considered Spain’s greatest 20th century poet. He was executed by a firing squad in 1936. Alongside Garcia Lorca, I have my Pan Dulce bag. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of the French pastries that have such unusual names in Mexico such as “mustache”, “underpants” or “foot of the mule”. In each bag, I have written the story that goes with the design.


Art in August on Mountain Road

 Join us on Mountain Road for Art in August at three locations. At the Julianna Kirwin Studio/Gallery I am excited to show the work of printmaker Mary Sundstrom along with some new linocuts of mine. August 12, 10-4 and August 13, noon to 5pm. Get coffee and a delicious meal at Farmacy across the street, and take a walk down Mountain to see work at Little Bird de Papel and The Next Best Thing to Being There.